Short Reviews, Quick Takes

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In The Visitors Lucy is recovering from a typhoid fever in Egypt with her American governess at her side. She is listless and unable to focus on the living until she meets and befriends Frances Winlock whose father is an archaeologist. Soon she becomes part of a crowd which includes Howard Carter, Lord Carnavon, and others who discover King Tut’s tomb. This discovery mold’s Lucy’s life.

A bleak book crowded with historical figures and events. The discovery takes place in the 1920s, but the book dwells in the disastrous events afterwards and follows Lucy to her old-age. There are so many disasters and ghosts. Beauman appears to be grieving for an age of exploration and adventure that is long past. I couldn’t help but wish that this book had more joy in it and less history.

Goodreads rating: 3 stars

The Rest of Us Just Lives Here Living in a town where the indie kids are battling vampires and apocalypses isn’t a piece of cake. Especially when you’re dealing with your own issues. This book focuses on the teens that aren’t the Chosen Ones. Part ironic and part sincere in tone, very much like the teenagers that populate this novel.

Goodreads rating: 3 stars

Beastly Bones is the second tale in a new historical paranormal series. Abigail is helping her employer Jackaby investigate a mysterious death that leads them to shape shifters, dragons, and archaeological feuds! If you haven’t read Jackaby yet, please do. This series features a strong heroine, interesting beasts, and supernatural happenings. The world feels so fully fleshed out that you’ll start the first book and be bewildered that it isn’t the start of (as of yet) epic series.

Goodreads rating: 4 stars


Short Reviews, Quick Takes

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