Feminist Book Thoughts

  • Laurie Penny is awesome and was recently at the Harvard Bookstore. I couldn’t make it to the event but heard that it sparked an interesting audience q&a. Her new book, Bitch Doctrine a collection of feminist essays, is definitely on my reading list.
  • What the heck is Unwanted Advances about? Laura Kipnis is described as a feminist cultural critic, but some of the language the publisher blurb uses to describe it makes me wary–the “new sexual McCarthyism on higher education” and “sexual paranoia” on campus.
  • I’m enjoying reading The Secret History of Wonder WomanJill Lepore is an engaging writer and makes the most of a truly batty story all against the backdrop of the women suffrage movement. Marston was the self-proclaimed inventor of the lie detector while behaving like a snake oil salesman for psychology long before he had the idea for Wonder Woman. He had an unusual home life in a relationship with 2 women, 1 took care of the kids and the other worked and supported the family. The women are the truly interesting characters here. Olive Byrne was the niece of Margaret Sanger and Elizabeth Holloway the editor of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. 
Feminist Book Thoughts

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