Let me tell you what kind of reader I am.

I make a  weekly trip to the library like it’s a grocery store. Sometimes I pop in for a minute, sometimes an hour, sometimes hours. Coming home with 1 book, 5 books, and once in awhile nothing. I go to bookstores too  (of course) and look at the glossy covers, taking home the ones that I cannot stand to leave behind.

My home is crowded with books. I try to keep the books in orderly stacks, but they tend to stray: tucked into the corner of a couch, on the edge of the kitchen table, next to the sink.

As with all bookworms, love of reading spills over into all areas of my life, social, work, and at home.

And now this blog.

This is intended to be a space where I can vent on all book-related topics. I love lists so there will be a lot of those on this website. I also love pictures of book stacks/shelves/book hauls so there will be some of that too.

Happy reading!

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